Cherished Principles for a Modern Age.

CourtMedia creates powerful media to help courts and civic organizations engage their constituents and reclaim the narrative of justice as a founding principle of our society.
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The world is streaming...are you?

Video is no longer a premium way of connecting with the people you serve...it's expected. People stream Hollywood films to devices in their pockets. TV shows and YouTube channels use modern cinematic sensibilities.
Simply put, video is the most powerful medium available for constituent engagement. It enhances education, immerses viewers in the human story, connects people to the past, and inspires them to their highest ideals.

A Court at the Heart of America

Our recent work for the Northern District of Illinois' 200th Anniversary connected modern human stories to centuries-old principles and practices.


Northern District of Illinois

This 60-minute documentary featuring 28 interviews and a year of archival research gave the District an unprecedented set of tools for engagement at public events and on internal kiosks.
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Students love movement, television, and film, so utilizing these snippets of information transforms the meaning of learning.
TeachThought 2019

Your Story Matters

In the absence of rich, engaging media about courts and civic issues, our notions of justice and fairness have been mired in politics and cable news. We can tell your justice story authentically.

Juror Orientation

Inspire incoming jurors to reflect the best principles of justice and fairness. Engage them in the process to serve your community

History Films

Short and long form documentary style films that tell your justice story, looking at the issues, the cases, the people, and the courts that made history.

Special Issues

Educate your audience about unique issues like implicit bias and the importance of an independent third branch.

Community Engagement

Engage communities in the important work of your organization and its relevance to daily life.

Curriculum Support

Story-centered video is a powerful way to keep students engaged and help them learn.

Rich Media Archives

Preserve the memories of the people and cases that created the rich historical tapestry of your organization, firm, or court.

Meet the Team

Over two decades of experience in nonprofits, law, courts, video production and communication strategy.
Gary Wente
Prior to founding CourtMedia, Gary spent his entire career as Chief Executive of the federal court in Chicago, Boston, and Denver. He knows the courts, the cases, and the issues.
Tim Whitney
Tim is an attorney with a background in nonprofit management, policy development, communication, marketing, branding, storytelling, and use of technology and data.
Amy Kay
Amy is a lawyer experienced in government, nonprofit, and legal sectors, handling matters at the intersection of policy, law, public affairs, and community well-being. Her work has involved a wide range of issues including access to justice, advancement of women, and civic involvement.
Darren Niesley
Darren Niesley has almost twenty years directing live video and broadcast for corporations and nonprofits, including a leadership conference broadcast to over 200,000 people nationwide.